is the digital place where young creatives, university students, talented entrepreneurs and promising developers could meet, start a team and launch brilliant ideas.

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The core of the platform is a matchmaking system which allows to find a partner based not only on his/her background and experience, but also on his/her personality and mindset. It is also addressed to companies looking for talented candidates and collaborators.

partnet-animationLife these days is fast. Fast does not mean that we just manage to get 3 over the obstacles that yesterday seemed insurmountable. But also that things change quickly and we have to adapt.

Many platforms try to find solutions to individual problems, such as creating a network, learning something new, showing off your work or working with people you already know.

No one has really tried to combine all this and create something that goes beyond the simple platform. Something that can solve the problem of the 21st century or perhaps the problem of the third millennium: breaking down the frontiers of digital.

Partnet StampSuburbs are becoming increasingly empty of resources, of appeal and, in a sense, of life.

This is happening at a time when demand for cities like Milan is growing faster and faster, with rental prices rising exponentially from year to year.

We are constantly hearing that the Internet allows us to break down borders and to be, in a certain sense, omnipresent. But then why is this reasoning not applied in reality?

Instead of commuting to the office, remote employees can execute their projects and surpass their goals wherever they please. People have the flexibility to design their own personal space and personal lives.

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There has been a cultural paradigm shift in what society has to be an appropriate workplace – and remote work has been capitalised off of that newfound freedom.