Volt is a pan-European, progressive movement aiming to revolutionize the way politics is done and to strive for a united, fair, and open European Union that provides opportunities for everyone.

Volt comes from the international unit of measure of electric potential. The name has been to aim to bring new energies to Europe, and because it fully represents their fast and efficient team. In addition, the use of an international word allows keeping the same name across Europe.

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Volt is a transnational European movement aiming at setting up political parties in different European countries to run for elections at European, national, and local level under the same values, political guidelines, and objectives. When the movement was founded, the first political target has been set for the European elections of 2019.

Volt aims to run for elections in at least 7 European countries. Why 7? Because if the movement manages to elect 25 MEPs from 7 European countries, it will be able to create the first independent political group in the European Parliament – something that no one has ever achieved in the history of this continent!

After the European elections, Volt will start campaigning also for national and local elections, all-over the continent and beyond!

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National politics seem to be stuck in old divisions of left versus right and liberal versus conservative, but fail to give answers in an insecure and fast-changing world. This perceived insecurity creates a room for extremist movements and parties, who offer ready-made and simplistic answers to questions of security, identity, and solidarity.

The European Union, the political and social project of our grandparents and parents, is blocked by quarrels of competence and failure to align on shared interests.

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Volt believes in the right of individuals to choose how they want to lead their life. This includes the rights to choose one’s religion, sex, sexual orientation, secondary education, profession, and personal goals. Furthermore, Volt believes that individuals should have the right and duty to contribute to the development of their own community, to mold a more efficient and inclusive society.

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